Monday, 19 February 2018

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Can Do

Kia ora, talofa!
Kiwi kids can do anything they set their mind to, especially if they have a pair of older hands to help them :o)
We've got a list of things you might like to make and do which we keep adding to. We'd love to have your ideas included here too so email us with your favourite thing to make or do.

This Week's Can Do


Henry showed us how to make a very simple but effective catapult


the help of an adult 20 ice block sticks (normal or large)
lots of rubber bandssticky tape
clean milk bottle liddried legumes (beans, peas, chick peas etc) to fling
Make a stack of ice block sticks about 8 sticks high. Lay them one on top of each other.

Using two rubber bands, wrap a rubber band around each end of the stack.

Make another stack of ice block sticks, this time around 14 sticks high. Again, lay them on top of each other.

Using two rubber bands, wrap a rubber band tightly  around each end of the stack.

Place one single ice block stick on the table in front of you.

Place the smaller stack of sticks on the single stick, perpendicular to the stick – so that it makes the letter t (a lower case t :o)  

Wrap a rubber band around the stack then around the single stick, as tightly as you can. Do it again with another rubber band from the other side of the stack.

Place the higher stack of sticks beside the smaller stack, closer to the middle of the single stick. Use rubber bands to wrapt this stack in place, on the single stick too.

Place another single stick on top of the stacks so the tip of one end touches the tip of the other single stick.  Tape the tips together with sticky tape. Then wrap the top stick to the higher stack with two rubber bands. 

Using tape attach the milk bottle top to the end of the top ice block stick, that is sitting up high in the air.  This will hold your ammunition (dried beans, peas etc)

Place a dried bean in the bottle top. Hold the taped tips of the sticks down on the table with one hand. Gently pull the end of the stick, with the milk bottle top, with the other hand, down towards the table.  
Keep hold of the taped tips of the sticks and let the other end go!  
How far does your bean fling?
Watch Henry make the catapult  HERE
Download the PDF of instructions HERE 


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