Monday, 19 February 2018

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Can Do

Kia ora, talofa!
Kiwi kids can do anything they set their mind to, especially if they have a pair of older hands to help them :o)
We've got a list of things you might like to make and do which we keep adding to. We'd love to have your ideas included here too so email us with your favourite thing to make or do.

This Week's Can Do

Kayla's Watermelon Cake Decorations

Kayla made these decorations to decorate a cake she made for her friends birthday. Her friend loved it! :o)

Green part of watermelonPink part of watermelon
200g of white marshmallows         100g of pink marshmallows
200g of icing sugar        100g of icing sugar
2 tablespoons water1 tablespoon of water
green food colouringred food colouring

dark biscuit crumbs for watermelon seeds

Place the white marshmallows and water in a microwave proof bowl and heat for around 30 seconds until the marshmallows are soft and gooey. Add several drops of green food colouring and the 200g  of icing sugar and mix with your hands – make sure that the marshmallow has cooled a little so it’s not too hot and your hands are clean :o) Once the green mixture is not too sticky roll it into a ball and leave it in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

Do the same for the pink marshmallows, adding the water before you soften the marshmallows in the microwave.  Add the 100g of icing sugar and red food colouring and mix until not sticky. You may not need to use all the icing sugar but if it is still sticky you may need more icing sugar. Put aside while you shape the green watermelon.

Roll a handful of green marshmallow into a ball.  Use a toothpick to paint green strips on the outside of your watermelon.  Roll a smaller handful of green marshmallow into a ball and flatten one side to look like a cut watermelon.  Paint stripes on the outside of this watermelon too.

Take a small handful of red marshmallow, roll it into a ball and then flatten it. Shape it so it fits the flat side of the half green “watermelon” and press it into place.

Break pieces of a dark biscuit into crumbs to make the watermelon seeds. Push these gently into place so they stick.  Leave the watermelon decorations to set (dry) a little then you can use the decorations on a cake.

Kayla used the ones she created on a watermelon shaped cake that she made for a friend for her birthday!

Have fun! And maybe send us a picture of your watermelon cake when you’re finished :o)
Click here for the PDF of the instructions

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