Monday, 19 February 2018

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Can Do

Kia ora, talofa!
Kiwi kids can do anything they set their mind to, especially if they have a pair of older hands to help them :o)
We've got a list of things you might like to make and do which we keep adding to. We'd love to have your ideas included here too so email us with your favourite thing to make or do.

This Week's Can Do

Trevor’s Robot Snail

the help of an adult a large cotton reel (wooden if possible)
a rubberbanda bamboo skewer
a slice of candle with a hole through the middle

Cut two pieces of stick from the bamboo skewer. One no longer than the base of the cotton reel. The other twice as long.

Thread a medium rubber band through the hole in the cotton reel, so the band hangs out either side of the reel.

Place the smaller stick through the loop of band, at one end and pull the band tight.

Thread the loop of band, at the other end of the reel, through the hole in the slice of candle then push the longer stick through the loop.
Hold the shorter stick in place with your finger (somepeople tape/glue it in place) while you twist the rubber band around using the longer stick.

When the band is twisted tight pop the snail down on the table or floor and watch it roll across the floor – the tighter you twist it the faster it will go.

Experiment with the number of twists and the size of the rubber band. You might even like to add more weight to the reel with tape like Trevor did.

Have fun! And maybe send us a picture of your snail robot when you’re finished :o)

For the PDF of the intstructions click HERE

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