Monday, 19 February 2018

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Can Do

Kia ora, talofa!
Kiwi kids can do anything they set their mind to, especially if they have a pair of older hands to help them :o)
We've got a list of things you might like to make and do which we keep adding to. We'd love to have your ideas included here too so email us with your favourite thing to make or do.

This Week's Can Do

Yardley's Peg People

Yardley created peg people for two school projects (and did really well!!!)  She thought you might like to have some fun making peg people of your own.

the help of an adult                
some old wooden pegs
scraps of fabric               
loom bands (or very small rubber bands)
a hot glue gun (or craft glue)
scraps of wool/feathers/cotton wool
little craft eyes permanent markers
pipe cleaners        
assorted buttons and beads 
bits and bobs

Take a wooden peg and decide what kind of character you want to make.  

Cut a piece of fabric into a strip, long enough to wrap around the peg a couple of times and deep enough to cover the peg’s “body”.  Wrap the strip around the peg and hold it in place with a loom band, wrapped tightly over it.

Cut a feather to size/plait some strands of wool/pull a cotton ball into shape or shape any other type of material you like into the peg person’s hair.  Glue this on top of the peg with a glue gun or craft glue.

To make a funky hat Yardley used two buttons, glued together, which she then glued on top of her peg person, but you could use anything – scraps of tinfoil/a bottle top/plastic lid etc

Glue tiny eyes on the face of the peg, then add the other facial features with permanent maker.  For Yardley’s Black Stick Peg Team she printed off pictures of the team and glued them on to her pegs.

Give your peg people shoes with a permanent marker and give them arms using a pipe cleaner; twisting the pipe cleaner around it’s body and gluing it in place.  

You could make a family, a team or even a town of peg people!

Have fun! And maybe send us a picture of your peg person when you’re finished :o)

Click HERE for the PDF of the instructions

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